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    (Picture courtesy of re:publica. ) Smartphones are now so enmeshed in our own lives that a lot of us even sleep together. They’ve become more than mere communication devices: they are at least an essential instrument, and in most literally a part of our minds. A big part of the motive smartphones are so omnipresent is that the availability of apps, and more are being made every day. Here are a few which make life easier for engineers. 10. ENGINEERING. Com — App Store | Google Play We will start with a fast plug for our app, that will keep you up to date on the most recent technology news, videos and other phenomena. 9. Engineering Unit Converter — App Store | Google Play (Image courtesy of thermofluids. net. ) Unit conversion may be a significant headache. With these apps, you are able to convert engineering units with the simple push of a button. Users may select from a number of categories, including length, energy, entropy, electric control, etc. [Note: The App Store and Google Play links above are for two Distinct programs ] 8. Steel Profiles — App Store | Google Play (Picture courtesy of LetsConstruct. ) This is a fast reference guide with compiled info on steel cans. It offers quick and easy access to data including predefined, parametric (circular, rectangular, H, I, Best Unit converter app for Android – You Must have U) and freeform segments. Users may set a preference for metric or imperial. In addition, it contains steel profiles in several geographical regions, including Europe, the United States, Canada, Russia, the United Kingdom, Australia and Japan. 7. RealCalc Plus — Google Play (Picture courtesy of Quartic Software. ) It really is a scientific calculator that has been designed with all of the functions you’d find in a dedicated unit. It even comes with additional functions like degrees/minutes/seconds, fraction calculations, unit conversions and constants. The app includes both a memory and history attribute and supports binary, octal and hexadecimal calculation. The designers have contained trig functions in degrees, radians or grads in addition to a 12-digit screen. There’s also a PRN and a classic algebraic mode. [Notice: RealCalc Plus is only available on Android. For iOS apparatus, try PCalc. ] 6. Engineering Professional — App Store (Picture courtesy of Multieducator, Inc. ) This app puts formulas such as chemical, civil, electrical, environmental, hydrological and mechanical technology on your fingertips. There are more than 650 formulas available, and 100 conversion formulations. The program also has the capacity to email effects and will save your favourite formulas for easier access. [Notice: Engineering Professional is only on the App Store. For Android devices, attempt Engineering Wise. ] 5. Roambi Analytics — App Store | Google Play (Image courtesy of SAP


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